Pretreatment process feature

1.Different combinations of process can process various oil plants in one workshop.
2.Use special intensified pretreatment technology for aroma peanut oil to make it more aroma.
3.Adopt advanced and reliable shelling technology to meet higher requirements for protein content in meal
4.Extrusion treatment is used for raw materials with hard extraction, large-sized powder, and large capacity, which can reduce residual oil and solvent consumption, and increase the capacity by 50-80%.
5.The new technology of shelling and low-temperature treatment can ensure high protein and least denaturation.

The Pretreatment Workshop

Oil Extraction Plant

Oil Extraction Feature

1.Adopt stainless steel fixed grid plate and increase the horizontal grid plates, which can prevent the strong miscella from flowing back to the blanking case, so as to ensure good extraction effect.
2. The feeding system can adjust the rotating speed of airlock and main engine according to the feeding quantity and maintain a certain material level, which is beneficial to the micro negative pressure inside the extractor and reduce the solvent leakage.
3. The advanced miscella circulation process is designed to reduce the fresh solvent inputs, reduce the residual oil in meal, improve the miscella concentration and save energy by reducing the evaporation capacity.
4. The high material layer of the extractor helps to form immersion extraction, reduce the meal quality in miscella, improve the quality of crude oil and reduce the evaporation system scaling.

Oil Refining Feature

1.Adopt long mixing technology at low temperature in the Continuous oil refining process,using the FFA in the light alkaline water and the oil with a lower temperature, and extend the reaction time in the case of mixing intensity is adjustable. This process can effectively reduce the loss of saponification of neutral oil, and refining rate will be increased from 0.1 to 0.2 percentage points.
2.Bleaching filter blowing cake steam odor technology. In the conventional process blowing cake steam directly emitted into the atmosphere, the smell is difficult to smell. This technique is the use of low-temperature condensation technology, this part of the steam is condensed in order to avoid air pollution.

Oil Refining Plant

Indonesia 300 tons coconut pre-press production line

3、Indonesia 300 tons coconut pre-press production line


Other equipment: Crusher
202 type screw press

Customer Feedback

First oil machinery provide the pre-press plant capacity big, crushing effect is good, spiral, professional guidance and specifications, cost savings.

Rice bran oil refining production line

4、Rice bran oil refining production line

Oilseed :rice bran oil
The installation location: Bangladesh


Customer Feedback:

Stable and efficient equipment, continuous production, large scale, going to buy a palm oil processing plant.

300 tons of rice bran puffing extraction refining dewaxing production line

1、300 tons of rice bran puffing extraction refining production


Other Equipment:Rice bran oil refining equipment

Customer Feedback

Zhengzhou First Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. to our recommended 300 tons of rice bran oil puffing extraction dewaxing production line equipment, high production efficiency, while suitable for processing a variety of materials, such as soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, castor beans, cottonseed, coconut and so on.

Corn germ oil refining plant>

2、Corn germ oil refining plant

Applicable materials:Cotton seed oil,corn germ oil,sunflower oil

Other Equipment:dewaxing equipment

Customer Feedback

Zhengzhou First grain and oil machinery co., LTD., according to the requirements of our set of corn germ oil refining production line installation, starts to now hasn't released anything wrong with the basic, high efficiency, high yield, high quality and high stability.The product oil can reach first to fourth grade.