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Pretreatment and pre-pressing technology

Pretreatment and pre-pressing technology

The technology of my company for pretreatment and pre-pressing which mainly include the cleaning, extrusion, flaking, decrustation and pre-pressing and so on. Considering the different characteristic of oil seeds and the customer requirement, we can provide you the special design, in order to adjust the oilseeds to the optimum state, which will improve the oil yield and oil and cake quality, can provide the best raw materials for the following section.

Vibratory cleaning sieve
The pretreatment process:
  • Dedusting section
  • Drying-and-conveyor
  • Measurement
  • Flaking
  • disc huller
    Disc huller

Main projects:
(1)Soybean Pretreatment and Extrusion; (2)Soybean Decrustation and Extrusion; (3)Sunflower Seed Pre-pressing Equipment; (4)Rapeseeds Pre-pressing Equipment; (5)Cottonseeds Pretreatment and Pre-pressing; (6)Rice Bran Extrusion; (7)Corn Germ Pre-pressing.

Pretreatment Process Feature:

Pretreatment and pre-pressing which mainly include the cleaning, extrusion,flaking, decrustation and pre-pressing and so on.Features are as follows:

The production processThe production process:

Technical parametersThe main pre-pressing machine performance specifications and technical parameters:

Model Capacity/(t/d) Residual rate/% Motor/Kw Weight/kg Dimensions/mm
ZY24 45-50(rapeseed) 12-14% 30 7500 3060×1970×4500
202 45-50(sunflower) 13 30 5500 2900x1850x3640
204 75-80(sunflower) 16 30 - -
YZ390B 300-350 Y315M1-4-185 ≤18% - 4431×1420×3622
YZ390 250-300 Y315M1-4-160 ≤18% - 4431×1420×3622
YZ390A 140-160 Y315L-6-110 7~9 - 4431×1420×3622
204A-3 72 37 4 5500 3708×1920×3842
DZY390 260 110 ≤18% 15800 4431×1420×3322mm
YZ24 40-50 30 10-18 5500 2900×1850×3640

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