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Pressing machine

Fragrant peanuts oil pressing technology

Based on the conventional peanuts pressing technology, unique roasting procedure is added to the superfine fragrant peanut oil technology. Cooked peanuts flakes through cooker are pressed after cooking. The pressed oil need to be cooled and filtered which makes the finished superfine fragrant peanut oil keep the original peanut flavor and reserve the natural nutrient with transparent color, low acid-value and perfect taste.

rod-toothed crusher
Other process equipment:
  • Cleaning Sieve
    Cleaning Sieve
  • Husking
  • Gravity Stoner
    Gravity Stoner
  • Crusher
  • Flaking Machine

What is the fragrant peanut oil?
Fragrant peanut oil is the peanut oil used unique press made with strong fragrance. It maintains the natural ingredients and aroma of peanut oil, because of its rich in antioxidant vitamin E, so there is no need to add antioxidants, long shelf life, is a kind of modern technology combined with the traditional process of pure natural oil production of crystal.

Factors fragrant peanut flavor:

Fragrant peanut unique flavor and high nutritional value, the majority of consumers. Factors affecting the fragrant peanut flavor mainly in the following areas:

The main steps of production fragrant peanut oilThe main steps of production fragrant peanut oil:

Technical parametersThe main technological parameters of wet steaming and stir frying:

Oilseeds Wet steaming and frying pan Press Wok
Wet moisture/% Temperature/℃ Discharge of water/% Discharge temperature/℃ One press Pre-press
Moisture/% Temperature/℃ Moisture/% Temperature/℃
Soybean 16-20 100 5-7 110 1.5-2.8 128-130 - -
Rapeseed 14-18 95-100 4-6 110 1-1.5 125-130 4-5 110
Peanut 15-17 95-100 5-7 110 1-1.5 120-130 4-5 110-115
Sesame 14-16 95-100 5-7 110 1.2-1.5 125-130 4-5 110-115
Cotton seed 10-20 95-100 4.5-5.5 110 1.5-2.5 125-128 4-6 110
Rice bran 18-20 100-110 7-8 110 2-3.6 115-130 - -
Sunflower seed 8-10 95-100 5-7 110 0.8-1.5 125-130 1.5-2 110
Flaxseed 7-9 95-100 6-7/td> 105 1-1.5 120-130 3.5-4 95-100
Castor seed 8-10 90-95 5.5-6.5 95-100 - - 4-5.5 110-115

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