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Extrusion technology

Extrusion technology

Puffed extruder molding technology using mainly powdered or through flaking of sheet materials, certain functional heat treatment, namely through mixing, extrusion, gluing, vacuum puffing forming, cutting and cooling, drying and other physical and biochemical processes , so that the material to form mature embryos have some structured shapes, which will help the oil.

bulking machine
Expandable material:
  • Expanded rice bran
    rice bran
  • Expanded rapeseed
  • Expanded soybean
  • Puffing cottonseed
  • Puffing castor
    castor seed

Oil extrusion molding works:
After flaking flake or powder form of fuel, input through feed auger extruder, after being in the propeller by direct steam is injected into the hot and humid temperature adjusted, subjected to the action of the spiral and the shear pin bore in the machine, the produced a strong friction, chopped, kneading, extruding, temperature, humidity, pressure rising, so that sufficient fuel cell destruction, moderate protein denaturation, harmful substances are passivated, oil viscosity decrease. High temperature, high pressure material was eventually pushed out of the discharge end, the die orifice jet burst out instantly buck. Making materials dramatically expanded, rapid evaporation of the moisture content to form a porous structure. Become high strength, permeability, cooked in favor of germ oil extraction.

Extrusion technology application features:

Because of the unique features puffing technology, therefore, in theory-oil technology research, production and application of practice flourished puffed pretreatment technology, the reform of the world oil production generates huge boost today soybean flaking, expanded molding - direct leaching; pre-pressed canola rapeseed puffing - such as oil extraction process has become a mainstream technology, so people are very concerned about.
【Compared with the traditional rolling embryo - direct leaching, pre pressing and leaching, leaching oil extruded forming the advantage is reflected in the oil extraction efficiency, high productivity, energy saving and improving the quality of crude oil and meal. 】

The production processThe production process:

Technical parametersThe required equipment model reference:

Power consumption
Spindle speed
Material embryo water
YSP-180 2000/180 75 15 400 100 8-10 155 1.5
YJP-250 2500/250 110 12 400 500 8 125 18
YPH-16 1200/160 55 30-50 880 19-24 7-11 132 1
DOX-8 1867/203 111 55 230 50 8-10 125
VOX-810-8" 1867/203 111 8 230 400 8-10 125 0.5-1
VOX-810-10" 3626/254 257.4 10 230 800 8-10 125 0.5-1
YGPH-175 2200/175 55 40 400 35 7-10 105-110 1.5
Hivex-10" 1:10-12 111 8 230 500 7-9 104-115 26-30
Hivex-12" 1:10-12 258 10 230 800 7-9 104-115 26-30

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