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Disc centrifuge

Disc centrifuge

Disc centrifuge is developed on the basis of the drum centrifuge tube on a highly efficient centrifugal separation equipment. According to TLC allocation principle, by a tube to a set of tapered drum disc, the disc space only 1-2mm. This greatly shortens the distance between the solid particles settling to further improve the separation efficiency. Equipment speed reduced accordingly, to reduce vibration; while in development and solves the problem of automatic slag.

Disc centrifuge mainly by the import and export of equipment, drum, fuselage, vertical shaft, drive and speed, brakes and other components. And one of the main parts of the drum work, located in the top of the spindle, generally by the drum, drum covers, caps lock, separated by a fixed distance strip was 45 ° cone angle up and down a set of discs and other components distributor.

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