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Oil press manufacturers to remind the oil pressing need to remove the impurities

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Oil press manufacturers to remind the oil pressing need to remove the impurities, Zhengzhou First professional press manufacturers, three decades focused on press, refining equipment, oil extraction equipment and other machinery industry. The quality of survival, reputation and development is the purpose of business, adhere to improve pre explain, the sale of the installation, and after-sales service, customer-God's principles, and by the praise of customers.
Preparations press when the press materials: oil cleanup is to remove the oil entrained sediment, metals, and other impurities stem isolated miscellaneous mix in the oil seed, shriveled seed. Oilseeds harvest, drying, transport and storage of the process will inevitably entering into things like gravel, sand, leaf, hemp rope of impurities. Although after the primaries, when transported to refineries, are still part of the impurities entrained, it contains usually around 1%, which is extremely detrimental impurities on oil, when the line must be cleaned up.
Oil impurities contained nothing more than inorganic impurities, organic impurities and oily impurities categories. Inorganic impurities are mainly dust, sand, gravel, tile, metal and the like; organic impurities are mainly stems, hull, wormwood, rope, all kinds of food, such as tablets; oil impurities are mainly grain pests, grains and untrue oil and other dissimilar.
Why should it be cleaned of impurities in the oil, then clean up the oil extraction what good is it? Following on from the Zhengzhou Grain and Oil Machinery Co. First oil press factory engineers to analyze the reasons and under the clear benefits everyone, as well as the potential hazards and risks are not clean.

                            Oil press machine
1, can improve the oil yield: the vast majority of impurities, in his own oil-free, if not removed beforehand and allowed to leach crushing or mixed in the oil, the oil is bound to a certain amount of adsorption and remain in the cake to make oil rate. If too much oil marl, will reduce parison plasticity, so that loose, can not withstand greater pressure, and oil plug or oil slimy affect oil yield. Therefore, in addition to the net impurity can improve the oil yield.
2, can improve the quality of oil and meal: the soil, plant stems and leaves, husk and other organic impurities contained in the oil, will deepen the color of crude oil, increased sediment, refining consumption increases. As for the cake and meal, and some can be used as raw material in food and chemical products, if containing too many impurities, it will reduce the value meal. Some contaminants are toxic to humans and animals even, for example, even if mixed with a small amount of rapeseed tung seed, sunflower or mixed with a small amount of castor beans, preparation of crude oil and the meal can not eat, can not do feed . With the rapid development of the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, it is to improve the quality of oil and meal also increases. Thus, removal of impurities in the fuel has more significance.
3, can reduce equipment wear: sand, stone, metal and other impurities strong friction device are so various parts wear out quickly, life shortened. Metal, stone and other hard impurities, for running speed and pressure of the device greater harm, easy to mechanical damage. Therefore, removal of impurities will reduce engine wear and extend equipment life.
4, to avoid accidents: metal impurities into the operating speed and pressure of the device (such as a sheller, flaking machine, press), it will damage the equipment causing the accident. The hemp oil, wormwood and other long-fiber impurities, easily wrapped around a rotating shaft operation of the equipment, the impact of process effect, increased power consumption, import and export of equipment or even blocked, causing accidents or equipment failures. Therefore, removal of such impurities will help to ensure smooth production.
5, can increase the handling capacity of the device: impurity occupies a certain volume of oil, the oil in the more impurities, the greater the volume occupied, especially leaf and husk. To remove impurities in the fuel, and accordingly reduce the burden of equipment, increasing the handling capacity of the device.
6, to improve production conditions: dust contained in the oil in the transportation and processing plant will result in dusty, harmful health of workers, causing environmental pollution, the risk of serious explosion. By cleaning, it can create a good hygiene environment, to ensure the health of workers, mood, conducive to safe production and improve product quality.
Oil press factory in Zhengzhou First reminded to do the pre-screening, better able to run the machine, but also better able to get high-quality oil.

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