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Effects of peanut oil press oil rate factors

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Effects of peanut oil press oil rate factors, customers ask First machinery peanut expeller pressed peanut, a pound of peanut oil and how much? Now peanut price is getting higher and higher, but the price of peanut oil is not high, the peanut oil press the oil yield and oil quality has always been a problem of concern to the majority of farmers so many consumers in the purchase of peanut oil press will give priority to peanut oil press oil rate, pressed peanut oil of oil rate of what factors? Below First special machine for you
Factors influence the press material structure properties, in many of the pressed material structure properties, pressed material mechanical properties especially plasticity of squeezing to obtain the greatest influence on the effect of the oil, pressed material in oil, containing shells and other conditions are generally the same, its plasticity is mainly affected by the moisture, temperature and protein denaturation.
2, choice of raw peanuts, "twins" of peanut shell has 6 to 7 peanut peanut oil rate is relatively high, but the peanut in the market it is difficult to buy, the quality of raw material directly determines the quality of oil and oil yield, the choice of raw materials must choose grain full regular, guarantee the raw material moisture content, can not be too high or too low, fried material prior to removal of impurity composition. The peanut General requirements, press material particle size should be appropriate and consistent, press material in both the external and the internal structure of good consistency, press material in intact cells number as small as possible, bulk density without affecting the premise of internal and external structure of the bigger the better, press material in oil viscosity and surface tension as to low and press material particles with enough plasticity.
3, oil personnel on the operation of the screw press have comprehensive understanding, avoid misoperation caused by production problems, the process of oil extraction to master, what time into oil, temperature, precision of control.
Between parts of a 4, press the loss, caused between the spiral gap is too large, is not conducive to increase the output of oil, usually to pay attention to the maintenance of good, if parts wear must be timely replacement. Press health problem, before the oil to check the guide pipe is a foreign body, diversion groove is too narrow, if too narrow to timely adjustments, so as not to affect the oil yield.
5, the time of pressing problems, according to the long time observation that, continuous press time is long, benefit ratio is high, it should be as far as possible, concentrated oil press, rotation for 24 continuous press, must pay attention to the temperature, lest peanut oil machine high temperature failure. Press the process as far as possible, to prevent the loss of heat, resulting in the reduction of efficiency.
6, cake, cake made to control the thickness and size, to prevent too high or too thick. As long as the above skills, to ensure the oil rate and quality is not big.
7, with press material in the increase of moisture content, is also a gradual increase in the plasticity, when the water reached a point and squeezing out oil best when the moisture content of the known as "optimal water" or critical moisture, for a kind of pressing material, under certain conditions, a narrow optimal moisture range. Of course, the optimal moisture range is related to other factors, at first, the temperature and protein denaturation degree are closely related. Press material to improve the heat plasticity, press material cooling decreases the plasticity, press material temperature affects not only the plasticity and oil effect is good or bad, but also affect the quality of oil and cake. Therefore, temperature also exists the optimal range.

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