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Multifunction press cold-pressed oil

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Multifunction press cold-pressed oil of new technology and rich resources of peanuts each year about 350 million tons of peanuts for oil, producing 1.2 million tons per year of peanut meal, peanut meal rich in protein. Amino acid composition ratio is close to the animal protein, it is an ideal edible protein resources.
Peanuts contain 26-30% protein, 35-36% fat, 13-19% carbohydrates, crude fiber 2.7-4.1%;
Peanut protein content up to 60% after oil extraction, which contains eight kinds of amino acids the body needs is a complete protein;
Belong to non-drying oil, peanut oil, rich in fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acid-based, can be processed into salad, fragrant peanut oil, peanut oil and other senior pure edible oils and fats.
Currently peanut oil basically take high temperature pressing and solvent extraction process, and one multi-purpose press Proteins denatured soluble protein content, V elements and ammonia solution index (NSI) are present, ranging from reduced severity a loss of nutritional value; The second problem; in hot pressing process, you must add 10-18% of peanut shells, so that the coefficient of friction press virgin bore can meet the peanut oil press conditions. Peanut shell is basically composed of coarse fiber, which add not only fat absorption, so that the rate of decline but can not be separated from the peanut cake. Peanut meal is used as a low-cost fee to talk and feed. Low value-added processing efficiency not only makes peanut peanut is not applied and enhance efficiency in the macro point of view, related to the 1.3 billion Chinese people have the bulk of protein resources are not fully utilized reasonably.
Multifunctional cold pressed peanut oil press oil technology compared to current high temperature pressing or extraction process, with simple process, energy saving, less investment in equipment, small footprint comparable external factors, as well as its effects are not comparable.
First, the double helix cold pressing machine, no need to add the peanut shells as a secondary virgin material, and gave a good peanut pressed cake.
Second, the whole process to achieve a cold pressed, the process is the most Oh, the high temperature is less than 80 ℃, in this condition. You can get high-quality peanut oil.
Third, you can get after cold-pressed peanut cake by crushing high protein content of 50-60% crude protein powder, is further converted into food with a protein basis.
Multifunction press peanut oil Preparation Process comparison:
1. Traditional process:
10-18% peanut shells, peanut, cleaning cleaning, crushing, steaming and roasting, crushing, crude oil, refined oil, refined oil, bread.
2. multifunction press cold-pressed process:
Multifunction press peanuts, cleaning cleaning, conditioning, cold-pressed, cold-pressed crude oil, coarse filter, clean filter, high-quality cold pressed, high-quality peanut cake, crushed, defatted peanut protein powder activity.

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