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The working principle of press

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The working principle of press, blank by into the pressing chamber, the screw thread rotation effect, gradually the feed end to end the direction of advance. Because of the change of screw thread bottom diameter increases, the squeezing chamber of each volume gradually reduced; because the screw thread continuously the blank into the pressing chamber, such resistance push products compression pressure, blank, the oil squeezed out. At the same time, adjust the gap to change the cake cake thickness, the smaller the gap, the cake is thin, the greater the pressure the squeezing chamber. In addition, the blank is the motion state in the squeezing chamber, resulting in a row, blank and the blank Park row, and the screw, the friction between the blank and the blank, and generate a lot of heat, so that the blank in the squeezing chamber temperature poly L, so favorable material embryo oil outflow, increase oil the rate of.

The working principle of press, press operation, enter the pressing chamber from the hopper after dealing with oil. By pressing the material embryo spiral constantly pushing, pressing. The blank is in the state of motion under the press of the squeezing chamber, the pressing chamber pressure conditions, the friction between the blank and the screw, blank and pressing chamber, so that the blank material between the micro friction, resulting in relative motion. On the other hand, because the root diameter of the screw park is gradually enlarged, the pitch is gradually reduced, so when the screw rotation, screw and the blank that can move forward, but also can be turned outwards, and close to the screw thread surface layer with the shaft rotation. So in the squeezing chamber for each blank particles are not the same as the speed, direction of movement, but also has the relative motion between the particles. The heat generated by friction and meet the required oil extraction process of heat, contribute to the protein thermal denaturation to blank, destruction of the colloid, increased the plastic, but also reduce the precipitate to some viscous oil, thus improving the oil press oil yield, the squeezed oil material the oil pressure, and from Park row gap and discharge gap outflow.

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