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Sunflower oil press in the production of the seven failures and exclusion method

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Sunflower oil press in the production of the seven failures and exclusion method:
1, hydraulic pressure is not enough
The reason is:
① oil valves dirt or bad;
② Out of the oil on the valve plug and seat tighten the squeeze machine or cause poor contact back to the oil;
③ small piston and pump wear gap is too large.
Remedy is appropriate:
① After washable to grind, and adhered to;
② Out of the oil on the valve plug and seat pressing machine grinding to adhesion or tighten the drain plug;
③ replacement pump.
2, hydraulic pumping oil to
The reason is:
① grease filter is blocked;
② oil used for a long time, there is sediment in the inlet valve is attached on the throttle not close together;
③ inside the oil tank is too strong or because of the cold solidification;
④ insufficient fuel tank;
⑤ unpaired vacuum pump.
Remedy is appropriate:
① cleaning oil network;
② replace the old oil with new oil or release; filtered and washed into the oil valve and grind them to make good adhesion;
③ replace light oil, cold weather should improve at room temperature;
④ to add a little fuel in the tank;
⑤ pull out the small piston, and then injected into the fluid pressure.
3, the pressure gauge pointer can not keep down quickly
The reason is:
① safety valve does not seal;
② out of the oil drain plug and ball valve is bad;
③ each pipeline joints and hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder plug into the hole did not tighten;
④ tee and the ball back to the oil valve is bad.
Remedy is appropriate:
① valve grinding and adhered to;
② grinding out of the oil valve and adhered to;
③ Tighten all pipe joints and cylinder plug;
④ grinding oil return valve.
4, sunflower oil press from the top rocker
The reason is:
① the oil valve and the ball is bad;
② head out of spring ball.
Remedy is appropriate:
① grinding oil valves, ball renewal;
② expand spring head.
5, the bureau expected
The reason is:
① fry oil temperature steam inappropriate material temperature is too low, pie throwing water content is too high;
② pie throwing uneven thickness;
③ When loading pie, stacked cake is not correct;
④ when squeezing too much too fast.
Remedy is appropriate:
① fried steamed take appropriate direction to improve the material temperature above 85 ℃, the moisture content of less than 7%;
② Note that even when a thick cake confectionery;
③ When loading cakes are bad to be stacked;
④ appropriate to reduce press speed.
6, the escape of oil from the cylinder gap of the piston
The reason is:
① cup sized up installed wrong;
② cup damaged.
Remedy is: Reinstall cups, cup replacement.
7, valve failure
The reason is:
① oil is not clean, dirt sink attached contact surface;
② spring loses its elasticity;
③ adjusting screw back loose less than the predetermined pressure;
④ often overpressure operation, ball valve bumps.
Remedy is appropriate:
① open the cleaning, such as orifice valve needle damage should grind;
② replace the spring;
③ re-adjusting screw to a pressure of 40MPa;
④ reground valves, replace the ball and pay attention to follow the rules and operations.

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