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Operating conditions of edible oil refining equipment

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Operating conditions of edible oil refining equipment, oil refining equipment operation is conditional requirements, must meet the following conditions, can of oil refining.
Operating conditions of edible oil refining, filter oil impurity is not more than 0.2%, 18 ~ 22 ° Be lye concentration, alkaline excess alkali content of theory of 10% ~ 25%, sometimes first dispersant of 0.05% ~ 0.05% of phosphoric acid concentration (85%), take off the soap temperature 70 ~ 82 ℃, washing temperature about 95 ℃, soft water adding amount of 10% ~ 20% for oil. Adsorption bleaching temperature is 80 ~ 90 ℃, the operation absolute pressure is 2.5 ~ 4.0 kPa, decoloring temperature operating time is about 20 min, the amount of activated clay is added 2.5% ~ 5% for oil, separation of clay filtration temperature is not more than 70 ℃. P < 5 PPM, Fe in decoloring oil < 0.1 PPM, Cu < 0.01 PPM, do not contain clay, deodorization temperature about 230 ℃, operating the absolute pressure of 260 ~ 650 pa, stripping steam into the capacity of 8 to 16 kg/t. h, deodorization time 4 ~ 6 h, citric acid concentration (5%) amount of oil of 0.02% ~ 0.04%, security filtering temperature is not higher than 70 ℃.

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