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Press equipment maintenance and maintenance

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Press equipment maintenance and maintenance:
1. Work should be checked every 50 hours lubrication, gear box oil cup above shall not oil, pressing screw shaft bearings should be adjusted within the screw adjustment screw butter filling a hole in each class, non-dry grinding.
2. Run the oil each site should prevent intrusion of dust and other impurities, the annual need to check the gearbox oil quality time, detect deterioration, replace all the oil.

                 oil press machine
3. When the press was reduced, a cake or the oil is not normal, should be squeezed out of the screw shaft, check pressing screw, cage bars, wear a cake circle, to the timely replacement of worn parts.
4. At the end of class work, the machine should be removed biscuit, clean the machine surface dust, grease.
5. The production of long-term storage at the end of the season, should be a maintenance and pressing screw, cage bars, a re-oiled cake circle washable, dry place.

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