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Oil press matters needing attention in the use process

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Oil press matters needing attention in the use process, oil mill in the process of operation, which need to pay attention to the problems in personnel should be how to operate? Forrest machinery for everybody below simple introduce about the oil press matters needing attention in the use process.
First, oil mill operation, handle good embryo from the hopper into the pressing chamber.Under the effect of squeezer screw rotation, the feed end gradually to the side direction advance in cake.Narrowing in the bore squeeze paragraphs volume, and because of the pressing screw thread continuously push material embryo into the pressing chamber, resistance after push products before such pressure, compressed material embryo, the oil squeezed out.
Before using oil press, first of all should be ready for all equipment and containers, check and adjust tightness belt.Then start the motor, the machine idle running about 15 min, check squeezer shaft speed.General speed should be around 33 min.Idle when must pay attention to the gears in the gear meshing and the sound is normal, the bearing parts and motor is normal.Oil mill run idle, motor current should be around 3 a.Such as high current, should immediately stop check, adjusted to boot.

                  oil press
Oil press matters needing attention in the use process, no-load normal after prepared 50 kg of rapeseed and soybean, ready to put into the hopper.Note: when you start squeezing feed too fast, or squeeze the pressure in the chamber is a sudden increase, squeezer shaft turn, block, pressing chamber even break the press cage, major accidents.So began to compression, feeding should be uniform slowly into the hopper, the running-in oil press.So repeatedly for more than 3 ~ 4 h, the temperature of the oil press gradually rise, even take a smoke (this is the normal phenomenon).Began to squeeze squeeze chamber temperature is low, but slowly twist, adjust the handles on the stud, increase the cake thickness, and at the same time improve the squeeze the moisture of the embryo, to squeeze the chamber temperature.Rose to about 90 ℃, the normal operation of oil mill, the cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5 mm, and will tighten nut and tighten.
Oil press after normal operation, high oil content in the fuel oil is mostly concentrated in the group and the top circle line.A row of oil accounted for about 60% of the total oil quantity, circle line before the group accounts for about 30%, and the end of the discharge of oil is very few, not to drop line, oil color is very clear.Repeatedly squeeze two or three times can bleed of rapeseed and soybean oil, during the oily sludge can be evenly mixed material squeeze in embryo.To maintain uniform blanking, avoid by all means more and less, otherwise will affect the service life of oil press and yield efficiency.

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